How Do I Start Designing My Own House?

It’s usually have been thought that designing a new house or even a small apartment is something that needs efforts and long breath due to the many details and different decorations inside each house. Yet, it is one of the enjoying challenges of a lifetime. That’s why you should take your time, do your research, always look for different alternatives for each angle in the house and imagine it, until it is the right and perfect one. Designing a house is not just putting some walls next to each other or painting some colors than adding furniture, but it is the dream in your imagination of the home you will stay and live happily and comfortably with your family. Therefore you should be patient, and do not hesitate to get help of a professional.

What sort of house is suitable for me?

House design mostly depends on the lifestyle and number of individuals. Some people prefer to live in modern houses with spacious interiors and large windows while others prefer the classic design. Another aspect is the “ dining room” especially for families that value gatherings and mealtime wouldn’t be the same as one for a single inhabitant as well as people who usually have guests on lunch. Moreover, a house for a newly married couple is not like a family with a number of individuals. On the other hand, there are also some people who like to celebrate their happy moments privately at home, occasions like birthday and small engagement parties.

What mistakes should I avoid when designing my house?

Who does not enjoying creating and designing his own dream house ?! I believe that everyone does. Therefore, here are some tips that will make your house design successful and professional.

Neglecting the balcony

A house with a balcony is the body with a soul. Including a balcony in the house is one of its most benefits where you can enjoy viewing the outside as it will be your own resort when you want to connect with nature.

Not including an entrance lobby

Some designers forget or disregard the entrance lobby and directly open the main entrance door to the living spaces or guest reception. This could be uncomfortable for the residents who find themselves in a company with every stranger on the door; leaving no privacy for the residents.

Too many walls

Dividing a house into many rooms by building too many walls is something undesirable and can waste the spaces of the house, especially that the main trend nowadays goes toward the open spaces.

Dangerous stairs

If you plan to design a house on two floors, then you should avoid the dangerous and narrow stairs with sharp angles.

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