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Simple Ways to Update Your Home Decor That Will Make a Big Impact

The design of the home reflects the personality of its residents, which differ from one person to another and from one country to another. So today we will highlight the latest trending and varied 2020 home decor. and how to plan and start a home decorating project.

If you are planning to change your home decor to enjoy a modern and elegant look, we recommend that you check out the following list of the latest 2020 home decor ways to modernize your home’s interior.

3D Wallpaper
The latest trends in homes decoration 2020 witnessed the use of 3D wallpaper that gives a special touch to the overall shape of the house, and it can be used in living rooms, parlors, and various home facilities.

The wallpapers are innumerable, so we advise you to choose between them with great care, and consider their suitability with the interior appearance of the house, its area, and the furniture.

For example, you can use wallpaper for the shape of the sea and waves for the bedrooms, or purple mountains as shown in the image above, or choose prominent geometric figures for the guest and living rooms, it increases the elegance and luxury of the home.

Mirrors are one of the most important pieces of furniture and decor. They help to expand the corners of the house and make the area appear larger, the correct use of mirrors in the home adds a touch of elegance to the living rooms, guests, and hallways of the home.

Mirrors can be used in place of art on the wall. If you are looking for simple, useful, and elegant home decor ideas, the mirrors will be an ideal choice for you.

The most characteristic of the 2020 home decor is the return to the use of simple curtains and patterns, but it is necessary to take into account the overall appearance of the home decor so that the curtains are appropriate for it; We recommend that you consult a set of tips to help you choose the best curtains for your home.

Separate curtains have appeared again on the yard of ideas for interior decorations for modern homes for this year, it is necessary to rely on them to obtain satisfactory results and an elegant appearance for the various rooms of the house.

Regarding carpets, the percentage of using large and traditional carpet pieces has declined, and carpet pieces of smaller sizes, geometric shapes, and ornaments, which make them suitable for different types of decorations, have begun to spread, thus becoming one of the most prominent home room decorations for the year 2020.

This carpet has many features, the most important of which is the reflection of aesthetic when used under furniture in the living rooms, and the spread of warmth in the place where it is used, in addition to that it reduces the echo.

Chandelier or Chandeliers
Lighting had a large share of hall decorations in 2020, which combined the traditional shape of a chandelier with a touch of elegance and modernity. For example, new types of chandeliers that take the form of a traditional chandelier have recently spread, but they are not significantly hanging down as before.

The golden color and black color were combined in lighting forms in general, to be one of the most beautiful modern and luxurious home decorations.

The use of marble, especially in house decorations in Dubai, has largely preserved its stature in 2020, where we have seen the designs of modern villa entrances and luxury homes mainly relying on marble, be it on the entrance floor or in the columns near the entrance.

Marble was not only used on the entrances, but began to be used in furniture, including kitchen tables, antiques, and small furniture. The most commonly used color of marble this year is dark or black marble.

The idea that a bathtub or as it is known as “the bathtub” is no longer attached to the wall is popular. The house is out of date.

These were the most prominent decorations of the homes of 2020, which were very popular, and it is important to keep in mind that the decorations, in general, differ from one taste to another, and mainly depend on the size and shape of the house and other furniture.

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