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The Industrial Interior Design Concept

Industrial interior design, the industrial style is characterized by its use of materials, materials, and parts that give an industrial character, such as concrete, iron, and steel in general, and is characterized by the ability to create a wider area in an amazing way, and therefore it is widely used for smart planning of open spaces and dividing them into many rooms, such as hotels and small apartments, and in skyscrapers Clouds and mixed-use residential areas in industrial areas.

Synthetic appearance:
The industrial style appeared in New York City during the seventies period in Loft Apartments and its idea is to convert old and abandoned warehouses and factories into spaces to live and live in, as it provided traditional housing in Manhattan, for those who want large and open spaces at reasonable prices, and this style was followed by many artists, musicians, writers and designers, And they integrated them into their homes.

Synthetic style colors:
Warm and neutral colors are preferred for industrial design spaces, which are usually large and open. Warm colors help bring visual warmth to an area that may be overwhelmed by cooler metallic tubes and ducts. Gray shades have a great and beautiful effect on this style.

Industrial style materials and materials:
The interaction between earthen and smooth wood, shiny metal extensions, as well as visible bricks and concrete, steel, and chrome are usually used in the design of lamps.

Industrial style lighting:
Use spotlights for focused lighting, and track lights are a good choice for ambient lighting. In addition to many other lighting options.

Industrial style furniture:
Industrial furniture is minimal and does not make sense, with strong, sharp lines and very clean lines, which combines new pieces with reclaimed ones, like old pieces of furniture can be used in other uses, such as the use of old tanks for storage and stairs as shelves and others. Metal and wood are often used in their manufacture, and chairs are backless.

Walls and floors in industrial style:
To give the industrial impression, the walls are made of bricks or concrete without cladding, and the floors are very simple, either polished concrete or from wood or stones. If the walls are painted, the bricks are visible, as are the pipes and conveying channels that are not covered, but rather are employed in the interior space.

Internal spaces in the industrial style:
The interior voids are open to each other, to give a feeling of roominess and freedom of movement, as the kitchen, lounge, and dining room are in one open space.

Industrial style in the present era:
Many expected that this style is subject to recession after a period of time, but on the contrary, it has become a great trend in interior designs, and we find it required in many homes, five-star restaurants and cafes in addition to offices, which is a style characterized by boldness and courage, given its sharp lines and rough surfaces Exposed.

How the industrial interior design works

1- Seek inspiration by looking at old buildings, warehouses, and factories that have been renovated and used as homes, restaurants, and cafes.
2- Using and restoring old furniture, made of wood and metal.
3- Using unconventional methods of storage, such as old boxes and pipes
4- Using concentrated lighting, which is made of mineral ores.
5- Show style in accessories and details, using industrial and mechanical accessories.
6- Leaving bricks visible in the walls, with the addition of some bold graphics and murals, or even an abstract painting that can turn a monotonous and dull wall into a wonderful artwork.
7- Leaving mechanical details, conveyors, and electrical wires visible.
8- Other raw materials can be used with hard minerals, to reduce the feeling of cold in a vacuum.
9 – Focus lighting on tables and chairs in restaurants and cafes, to draw attention to them and give a touch to space.
10 – Using chairs made of wood and metal, without arms or upholstery in restaurants and cafes, as well as wooden or stainless steel tables, to give an industrial feel.

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